Russian Roulette

Out on: Sony Music


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For “Russian Roulette” Tungevaag & Raaban have collaborated with the Swedish DJ-trio Charlie Who?. Their debut single “Bloody Mary” reached #1 on the Swedish Heatseeker chart earlier this year, and made it into the top viral chart on Spotify in 16 countries!

With their forces combined, Tungevaag & Raaban x Charlie Who? have made something truly special  with Russian Roulette. The song starts with its strong anthem like vocals combined with perfectly layered harmonies and groove. In the drop they take down the tempo of the song, but increases the energy in a very effective way. After the second drop the chopped up vocals changes their harmonies adding a perfect ending to this great song. Russian Roulette looks to become a firm favorite to their already big fan base, but also with the potential to cross over to an even wider audience.


Release: Russian Roulette

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